• Labège, France
IntuiLab – - is a start-up who has created IntuiFace, the leading solution for creating interactive apps without writing code. IntuiLab has 1200 customers in 60 countries. Half of its revenues are coming from the US. IntuiLab takes advantage of the most advanced inboud sales and marketing technologies to attract and retain new customers, and thus is an excellent learning opportunity for anyone willing to embrace a sales or marketing career in an international start-up. IntuiLab makes IntuiFace, the leading platform for creating and sharing interactive, expressive and connected digital experiences without writing one line of code. IntuiFace is used by 1200 paid clients in 60 countries to build experiences driven by multi-touch displays, RFID/NFC devices, beacons and much more. Used by companies for everything from sales pitches to trade shows, curated art exhibits to retail kiosks, hospitality installations to the classroom. See more at: