Lumen Content Delivery

  • Île-de-France, France
déc. 05, 2021
Lumen Content Delivery Île-de-France, France
The Lumen Application and Content Delivery team (former Streamroot) works to overcome one of the biggest challenges facing the internet today: the explosion of video traffic. Our goal is to redesign the way we deliver content online, to create more robust, cost-effective infrastructures, and to touch millions of internet users by bringing quality video to every corner of the world. Our content delivery technologies allow online content providers to improve performance for viewers by providing a real-time view of the conditions of each user device and thereby adapting video delivery to every viewer.Founded in 2013, and acquired by Lumen Technologies in 2019, Streamroot pioneered device-side delivery technologies and quickly became a market leader for its mesh network and multi-CDN solutions. The company was backed by major venture funds and was acquired by the technology leader Lumen, which has placed our products at the center of an innovative portfolio of media delivery solutions...