• Île-de-France, France
nov. 01, 2021
Shares Île-de-France, France
We, the people. Our social interactions spark trends, shape movements, rock history and push stock values up and down. It’s about time we had a place to meet and collectively build our financial future – all of us, together.Shares is not only a serious trading platform that opens up the stock market to everyone – with no minimum investment – it’s also a fun, hivelike social community where members engage, learn, swap knowledge and help each other make informed financial decisions.Every feature inside Shares was designed to fit the way people connect today. It’s simple and straightforward to use and lets people chat, share, follow, tag and engage with groups in a seamless flow – all inside a secure real-time trading platform.The people-driven revolution in financial markets is already well underway. We’ve just built in the social motor so that every human can join the conversation and get their fair share of the market in a way that’s safe, fun, educational and collectively...