Safran Aircraft Engines Suzhou - CNC Process Engineer

  • Safran
  • Suzhou, Jiangsu, Chine
  • mai 28, 2021


 Responsible for adhering to all HSE required safety procedures in performing daily work activities 在日常工作中坚决贯彻HSE要求的安全程序  Responsible for adhering to all Quality policies and rules required in performing daily work activities 在日常工作中坚决贯彻质量原则和规定  Responsible for fulfill customer's requirement to guarantee good customer's satisfaction 满足客户要求以确保客户满意  Setup and maintain manufacturing process according to customer requirement 按照客户要求建立和维护制造工艺  Guarantee the compliance and robustness of process 确保工艺的符合性和稳健性  Identify and control the risk of process to secure the process 识别和控制过程风险


Supérieure à 3 ans


Bachelor or above degree, and major in engineering related field. 本科或以上学历,工程相关专业 3 years or above experience in related engineering field. 3年或以上相关工程领域工作经验。 1. Strong ability to read and understand drawings, good GD&T knowledge. 较好的图纸理解能力和GD&T知识 2. Familiar with SIMENS 840D system and 5 axis CNC machine. 熟悉西门子840D系统和5轴加工中心 3. Good at milling and turning technical knowledge and experience, it will be better if there is new product development experience. 较好的车铣加工知识和经验,如果有新产品开发经验会更好。 4. Good cutting tools knowledge and tooling design experience. 熟悉刀具相关的知识并有工具设计经验 5. Logical thinking and skilled on problem solving tool such as RPO, 8D, 5Why and fishbone. 较好的逻辑思维并能很好的应用RPO、8D、5WHY、鱼骨图等工具解决实际问题。 6. Familiar with PFEMA and SPC application 熟悉PFMEA和SPC的应用 7. Skilled on Office Software (Excel, Word, PPT). 熟练使用OFFICE办公软件(Excel, Word, PPT) 8. Have a good work autonomy, quality awareness, teamwork awareness and learning skill, has project management awareness and experience. 较强的工作自主性、质量意识、团队合作意识和学习能力,有项目管理意识和经验。

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Ingénieur & Cadre

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BAC+3, BAC+4

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