Junior Frontend Dev (Intern accepted)

  • Picsellia
  • Haute-Garonne, France
  • févr. 06, 2023


️‍♀️ Who are we?

Picsellia is a cloud-based MLOps platform for computer vision. We provide a centralized platform for companies looking to productionize AI models for visual use-cases such as Smart Cities, Sports Analytics or Quality Inspection across Europe.

Founded in 2019, Picsellia provides a set of tools to search, visualize and explore millions of images to create meaningful datasets, train AI models and monitor them in production. We empower ML engineers and product teams to transfer software, and DevOps good practices into the world of Machine Learning (understand MLOps).

We are a team of 9 passionate people looking to become the category leader in MLOps for computer vision in Europe in the next 5 years. To achieve this mission, we have raised 2 funding rounds and are looking to expand the team to 20+ people in 2023, so it’s a key moment to join us :)

What you should know

About the Product

Picsellia is an end-to-end Machine Learning Platform composed of 4 main parts:

  • Data management
  • Experiment tracking
  • Model registry
  • Deployment and monitoring

As our platform is meant to be used by different kinds of users (Data Scientists cleaning data in the interface, Data Engineers and DevOps creating pipelines between Picsellia and other services...), every feature can be leveraged with the UI or with our APIs (through our Python SDK).

About the Product Team

Today, the Development team is composed of 1 Lead Frontend engineer, 2 Backend engineers, 1 full-stack engineer, and 2 data scientists. At Picsellia, developers are part of the Product Team which means that their missions are very diverse and horizontal across the platform.

A common skill of every member is the ability to put the code at the service of the users, as our main goal is to solve real-world problems, letting you develop your current skills.

We work closely with our users to get UX/UI feedback and iteratively improve our platform.

We won’t have to imagine and create a whole UI and UX, we have contractors for that–you’ll be in charge of the implementation.

You’ll be our next Frontend Developer to complete our Product team and build our dream squad!

About the Technical Stack

  • Vue.js is our framework at the moment
  • We develop our design-system related components with the help of Adobe.xd and Figma
  • Our components are styled with Custom Bootstrap classes
  • Our Back-end is a service-oriented Python web application (Django)
  • We push releases through Docker and Kubernetes

About the Tools

  • Communication: Slack & Keybase
  • Code related: Github and Github Actions
  • Collaboration: Notion, Github

Job Description

Although the Picsellia legacy has been built without any frontend developers, it now has a large frontend codebase that needs standards, tests and is prepared for all the future improvements and features to come. That’s where you are coming in.

Your mission

Your job will be to take ownership of Picsellia’s front-end codebase by incorporating good practices along with our mature back-end codebase. You will also participate in future hirings and management in the Product team.

As a Frontend Developer at Picsellia, you will

  • Work hand in hand with the Lead Frontend in the Product team to implement solutions that work for our customers;
  • Design and agree on a set of good practices for the Frontend Development at Picsellia;
  • Challenge the current codebase to respect the previously designed good practices;
  • Always challenge the product and technical features;

You might be a fit if

  • You are curious and willing to learn about technology and development in general;
  • You have a some knowledge in writing frontend applications using modern frameworks (especially Vue.js);
  • You don’t hesitate to challenge and refactor the current codebase, be it your code or not;
  • You like challenges and are a team player;
  • You are comfortable writing and speaking in English;

➕ Additional Skills

  • You have some design/UI or UX skills that give you more flexibility during interface implementation and can help future design choices;

Hiring Process

  • Screening call with Pierre-Nicolas, our CTO (20min)
  • Job fit interview (video call or in-person) (1h00)
  • Culture fit interview with Thibaut, our CEO (15 min)
  • Fully-remote exercise (~1h00)
  • Exercise review and technical questions (1h00)

Perks and Benefits

As we care about our people and want you to feel at home, here is a non-exhaustive list of what we are offering you

  • Fully-equipped setup
  • Tailor-made Remote Policy: from 1 day per week to Full-remote, with the possibility to work from anywhere (+/- 3 hours) up to 4 weeks per year.
  • A competitive salary package
  • 50% covered public transportation fees
  • Alan health insurance
  • A Swile Card (Tickets Resto) that you can use for lunch expenses
  • Netflix (or other providers) subscription
  • Spotify (or other providers) subscription

Lettre de motivation requise