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BIOMODEX is changing the way doctors treat their patient by enabling them to simulate the operation of each of their patient on a 3D printed replica of their anatomy (organ twin) before operating the actual patient. Indeed, preventable medical errors are still the No.3 killer in the U.S. causing the death of 400,000 people every year. There is a huge stake to secure highly risky procedure especially in the cardiovascular field where the anatomy of each patient is highly different BIOMODEX has developed a proprietary digital manufacturing technology that can fabricate an organ twin of a specific patient’s anatomy from his medical images (CT, MRI) in record time. We want to secure the way millions of patients are treated around the world by providing this technology massively to the hospitals. Founded in 2015, BIOMODEX is a Franco-American startup based in Paris and Boston (USA), supported by the world leader in 3D, Dassault Systèmes, and technologically recognized by MIT as one of 10 innovations of the year 2017. Are you passionate about innovation, 3D printing technologies and the health of tomorrow? Be part of the adventure, apply!